Flagship Programmes

The GoDown provides facilities, technical and advocacy support for the development, performance and display of different forms of creative and artistic expression, and the growth of a vibrant and sustainable cultural sector in Kenya and the region.  

An Impression of the New GoDown

An Impression of the New GoDown

GoDown Transforms

Be part of the transformation

The re-development initiative involves the transformation of The GoDowns 1.6 acre property in Industrial Area from 7,000 Sq.M of adaptive reuse/renovated warehouses, into a 25,000 Sq.M mixed-use public purpose development -

Nai Ni Who

Nai Ni Who? An exploration of Nairobi. Celebrating the good, the bad the possibilities.

Manjano Exhibition

The Nairobi-themed annual Manjano exhibition features a wide range of practicing artists from Nairobi as well as a students category.

CopyRightX: The GoDown

CopyrightX is a 12-week networked course offered annually under the auspices of Havard Law School (HLS), the HarvardX distance-learning initiative, and the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet and Society.

Creative Entrepreneurship

The GoDown’s creative entrepreneurship course is for artists and creative entrepreneurs across all creative arts disciplines.

The GoDownGig

The monthly GoDown Gig was a fun-filled platform designed to showcasemusic talent at its best.

News & Updates

It is our belief that a vibrant cultural sector creates space for dialogue and exploration of our urban and national identity, the question of belonging, and social construction at the community and national level.

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