In August of 2019, The GoDown Arts Centre relocated to its temporary home along Kayahwe Road in Nairobi’s Kilimani Estate.

The move was in eager anticipation of the groundbreaking and commencement of the redevelopment of the main GoDown Arts Centre along Dunga Road in Industrial Area, known as The GoDown Transformation Project.  

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Our location in Kilimani has brought with it new opportunities, including connecting with a new community.

It is a much smaller space and consequently only a small group of artists and creative businesses who were able to move with us. However, we have had a full range of activities in the space, including trainings, performances, and exhibitions.  

The space is open to visitors and boasts good outdoor space which allowed us to stay open safely during the COVID-19 pandemic when small groups were permitted to gather.  


Resident Artists & Creative Businesses

Over close to two decades, The GoDown Arts Centre has offered much-needed, affordable creation, performance and exhibition space to individual artists, artist collectives, cultural organizations and creative businesses.

Gloria Muthoka

Peterson Kamwathi

Michael Soi

Dickens Otieno

Evans Yegon





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