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One of The GoDown’s goals is“to inspire the shaping of contemporary Kenyan identities by promoting, generating, documenting and disseminating endogenous narratives and knowledge”.

The GoDown has consolidated its passion and knowledge in the Built Environment, into its URBAN Division. This Division is responsible for advocating for the role of culture as a vital ingredient in sustainable urban development and nation-making, while at the same time disseminating knowledge via training, programming and consultancy services.

Engaging GoDown Urban

The HerCity#HerStreets Initiative

This initiative aims to improve the streets around the upcoming New GoDown Cultural Arts Complex, to make them safer and more inclusive public spaces, accommodating a diversity of shared commercial, social and cultural activities. These street improvements are a continuation of studies that started in 2011and carried out in conjunction with UN-Habitat and The GoDown’s partnering architects, White Arkitekter (Sweden) and PLANNING Systems (Kenya), exploring the possibility of creating a ‘Cultural Axis’ in the Industrial Area of Nairobi. The GoDown’sHerCity#HerStreets initiative involves the deployment of the step-by-step inclusive methodology of UN Habitat’s HerCity toolkit. The HerCity toolkit is designed to improve citizens’ participation in the development of public spaces, with a special focus on including vulnerable groups such as women, girls and youth. https://hercity.unhabitat.org/.

The idea for a collaborative artistic and cultural festival about Nairobi arose from meetings between the GoDown Arts Centre and its architectural partner, White Arkitekter, in response to the need for more discourse about the city. The GoDown and White presented the Nai Ni Who? Festival and the overall GoDown Transformation Project at both the Sixth and Seventh World Urban Forums.  


A presentation of the consolidated Minecraft model of envisioned Dunga & Dundori Rds in Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya to the Primary Group who undertook the Minecraft Workshop. #GoDownTransforms

Urban Dialogue Series

By virtue of its role as a creative Hub, The GoDown has over the years hosted numerous discussions and dialogues with the aim of pulling people together to discuss, share & make recommendations about diverse issues.

During Nairobi Placemaking Week 2021, The GoDown formalised the Urban Dialogue Series with the intention of running a regular programme that will become a staple event of the Nairobi Urbanist

An Impression of the New GoDown

An Impression of the New GoDown

GoDown Transforms

Be part of the transformation

The re-development initiative involves the transformation of The GoDowns 1.6 acre property in Industrial Area from 7,000 Sq.M of adaptive reuse/renovated warehouses, into a 25,000 Sq.M mixed-use public purpose development -