The Money and Meaning Workshop

The Money and Meaning Workshop was a collaboration between The GoDown Arts Centre and Nätverkstan, Sweden, and was based on experiences gained in training programmes, education and workshops run by Nätverkstan in Sweden and Sian Prime, MA at Goldsmiths University in UK. 

The gathering was attended mainly by visual artists based at The GoDown, as well as independent contemporary dancers and writers.  

The aim of the workshop was to provide participants with tools, techniques and structured reflection proven to assist creative individuals in developing their ideas, projects, and businesses

It turned to professional artists or those aiming to become professional artists within all artistic fields. The workshop was about an artist’s creative endeavors and how an artist can live on creating art.  

Many artists, in fact, know more of entrepreneurship than they think they do. The workshop aimed to realize this potential, provide food for structured reflection around the profession of being an artist, as well as discussions of the role of art in our society.  

The first workshop was convened in 2009 and the second in 2010 running at the same time as The Economy of Creativity Conference. 

The workshop went on to inform elements of the Creative Entrepreneurship training offered by The GoDown.