The Nubian Photographic Exhibition

A presentation of The Nubian Photographic Exhibition was held at The GoDown on Saturday the 17th of July 2010. 

It was a photographic exhibition which included a rare and historic look at the Nubian community in Kenya dating back as far as 1912 

The exhibition featured the work of award-winning documentary photographer, Greg Constantine, and was held in partnership with The United Nations High Commission for Refugees. The exhibition, which travelled to various venues in Nairobi, the Nubian section of Nairobi’s Kibra area, and London, UK, aimed to portray the face of statelessness and denial of citizenship in Kenya. It featured rare historical photographs and documents from personal collections, with the aim of advocating for basic rights inclusion in Kenyan citizenship and issuance of Kenyan IDs for Nubians.  

The exhibition ran from the 17th of July to 14th August 2010.